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  • Accommodation

    Cottages and dormitories with a beautiful view of nature. Fully air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled.

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  • Facilities & Services

    Air-conditioned restaurant/hall and other amenities to make your stay all the more comfortable.

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  • Activities

    Bathe in a natural stream | Walk with the ducks | Feed the fish | Angling | Butterfly & bird watching | Provision for bonfire and barbecue

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  • Food

    Treat your taste-buds with traditional Malabari recipes prepared to taste by our in-house cook, Anitha!

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  • Team

    Read about our story. Meet the team.

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Nestled among the hills of Thenmala in Kerala is a comfortable resort for all kinds of people.

A resort for nature lovers and those seeking the thrill of adventure
Trek through dense forests and observe wildlife from a boat.

A resort for working professionals and families looking for a change of space
Stay in fully furnished cottages/dormitories with air-conditioning and a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

A resort for lovers of traditional Malabari cuisine
Enjoy delicious home-made recipes prepared to taste by our neighbour, Anitha. 

A resort for those seeking silence and some peace of mind
Read a book with a strong cup of coffee while a variety of birds chirp from tall trees and colourful butterflies flutter past. 


Come stay in cottages and dormitories designed to make your experience at Thenmala Ecoresort as comfortable as possible. Our air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled living spaces are constructed and furnished using many environmentally friendly materials.

Just a casual look out of the window leads to a nature immersion experience. Located in the outskirts of Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, our resort is surrounded by vibrant flora and fauna that can be enjoyed from the security of our cottages. Sit on the porch and take in all that nature has to offer.